Bitvest does classic trading on the cryptocurrency markets. We are acting according to our own
trading strategy, based on technical analysis methods and the latest news updates. It helps us
to determine the optimal moment to close deals.

There’s a number of reasons.
Talking about Bitvest team, one should think of:

  • seven plus years of trading experience;
  • a unique algorithm to calculate entry and exit points;
  • access to the numerous reliable sources of insider information;
  • an increases interest rate along with a total deposit sum increase;
  • the flexibility to manage your income (automatic and manual money withdrawals and reinvestment);
  • a great affiliate program;
  • an option to open more than one account.

Plan 1: Deposit 0,001 - 10 bitcoins. Interest rate 10% per day.
Plan 2: Deposit 10,001 - 30 bitcoins. Interest rate 12% per day.
Plan 3: Deposit 30,001 - 50 bitcoins. Interest rate 15% per day.

Your total income may vary from min 0.0005 btc to 7.5 btc per day.

First, you should create an account (you can do that using this link http://bitvest.biz/user/register). Needless to say, it’s a free option.
When creating an account, please specify your first and last name, e-mail address and e-wallet number.  The system supports few accounts creation.
Second, once your are registered, we send you a link to your personal wallet within the system.
The one you’ll use to make a deposit. At the moment, we support only bitcoin deposits.

Minimum deposit is 0.001 btc. Maximum deposit is 50 btc.
Our clients also can’t be under 18 years old.

Technically, the system enables a user to create a number of accounts. To do that, you’ll need to provide us with a new e-mail address. Although, it can be impractical for you, as you won’t be
able to make use of all the benefits of our cumulative system.

We offer 3 subscription plans. Depending on the initial deposit sum, you can get 10, 12 or 15% of daily income. But this sum may later increase due to some extra bitcoin transfers, made from your wallet, or because of the reinvestments of your daily earnings. When your deposit sum reaches the limit of 10.001 or 30.001 btc, then you automatically get switched to the new subscription plan. All the further daily interest charges will be coming at the higher rate - 12 or 15%.

When you sign in, we send you the unique e-wallet number inside the system, where you can transfer the funds.
Minimum deposit is 0,001 btc. Maximum deposit is 50 btc. For now, a deposit can be made in bitcoins only.
To make sure, that your deposit went through, you may check your e-wallet balance on your profile dashboard.

The bitcoins you’re transferring will appear on balance after six validations. Six is a minimum number of validations required to add a new block to the chain. That’s how the blockchains are made up. Such an approach provides rather strong anti-scam protection. The time it takes to get all the validations may vary.

This your private area inside the system, which enables you to:


  • edit your personal info (e-mail address, first and last name, your bitcoin wallet number);
  • check your account’s balance;
  • set the preferred method of income withdrawal (automatic / manual / reinvest);
  • examine your referrals network;
  • review the transactions history (bitcoin deposits and withdrawals);

You can use the restore password option.

Interest is charged hourly.

Moneys are withdrawn to your bitcoin wallet account, that you state when register.
Inside your personal user’s dashboard you can manage the acquired funds withdrawal.
There are following methods available:

  • Automatic withdrawal (the whole sum of income received is transferred to your bitcoin wallet);
  • Manual withdrawal (you can withdraw your income partially);
  • Reinvestment (acquired daily income is added to your initial deposit sum). It allows you to grow your deposit and finally switch to the new subscription plan with a higher interest rate.

Minimum withdrawal sum is 0.0005 btc.

While you can get your interest earning the very next day, the initial deposit sum will work for you for the time being and is not to be refunded.

In your personal dashboard you can set a new bitcoin wallet account.

It is an opportunity to earn extra money while recommending us to your friends and partners.
Our affiliate program has 2 levels.
When someone registers through your referral link, he is considered to be your referral. You will receive 5% referral commission for every deposit that your direct referral makes from his Bitcoin wallet.
When your referral introduces a new user to the system, you also get 1% commission for the deposit this new referral makes.
A list of your referrals will be available in your user dashboard.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions over the e-mail: info@bitvest.biz.

Every week we get 10 users with biggest 1 level referral commision and update theirs balance according to referral commision amount. For example if all 1 level referrals income is 0.5 BTC then you balance, in case of winning, will be updated on 0.5 BTC.