About us

Bitvest - is a team of web developers and stock brokers, who do classic trading on the cryptocurrency market. Until recently we have been trading only with our own funds. But, as a result of our experience in the field, we are now able to go public and operate with raised funds.
How did it all start?

In 2009 we began trading on exchanges and stock markets. Through trial and error we have refined our unique trading strategy, which is continually being enhanced.
In 2015 there was a fundamental priority shift in our development strategy. We started conducting more operations with cryptocurrency assets. Gradually the role of cryptocurrencies in our investment portfolio was growing bigger, until the cryptocurrency holdings outweighed the rest of our assets. The main reason we liked cryptocurrency investments was because of their sustainability and high profitability.
We have always been fans of automation and systematization. It led to the development of our own algorithm to calculate cryptomarket entry and exit points. As a result, we minimized the human factor and increased the number of income-bearing operations. We also addressed the issue of cyber security. The system for storing data about our clients is a custom-made web platform. The platform has been vigorously tested and contains less security flaws than an off-the-shelf solution. The user interface and a feature set, available after login, were developed to tailor to our clients needs. We aim to provide a simple, flexible and high clarity solution for managing income.
Reliability, comfort, clarity and technical knowledge are our core strengths.